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I once heard of a retail establishment hanging a sign that read: ”

  1. Quality product.
  2. Fast service.
  3. Low price.

Pick TWO.”

My life right now has a few main priorities, which I have found given to me by the Lord in Titus 2:4-5, which speaks to older women about what they should teach younger women.  (And just to clear things up, I’m still one of the younger!)

AnyWHO…  This Word says I am to “love [my] husband, love [my] children, to be sensible, pure, a homemaker, kind, being subject to [my] own husband, so that the word of God will not be dishonored” (brackets mine).  Husband, children, character, homemaker…not a long list!  WHEW!  But, not the easiest of lists to check off for this list maker and checker!

Lately I have found myself succeeding in maybe TWO areas.  But that means I have also found myself failing in two areas at the same time!  On the days I wake up determined to get all the laundry done (and by “done” I mean at least in the dryer) and to keep my home crumb free…those are the days I feel I’ve done what I need to for my husband regarding his enjoyment of coming home to a clean home, but I’ve let my children run free without the attention they need from me!

Then, there are the days that I scrap the laundry and crumb removal for special moments with my children–those are some very special days, no doubt!!  Those days, I may not even shower–because my priority is to just love on, read to, play with and talk to my children!  And on those days, I forget to make my hubby’s favorite beverage so it’s ready for him when he gets home late one night and is thirsty!  Sure…some would say (and I’ve thought it) that he can make it himself or he can drink water.  Yeah, that’s true.  He is more than capable, and the water is already “fixed”.  But it is so much more a joy to my heart knowing that I’ve done something to help quench his thirst after he has been out working to provide…and working HARD, I might add…so that I am able to be the SAHM (stay-at-home-mom) and homeschooling mom that I feel are parts of my priority list from God!

So in my case, I’m only picking ONE!  I’m not even managing to do two of three things well.  I need to find some way of balancing my life so that it all gets taken care of.  Because God’s sign doesn’t say, “1. Love your husband. 2. Love your children.  3. Take care of your home.  Pick one.”  And I don’t just want to do them–I want to do them WELL!  This comes from my melancholy perfectionist tendencies, but also from the Lord!  He says to run the race so that we may win!  Not just to run!  Who likes to run, anyway?  If I’m running, I better win!

AnyWHO…I wish I could do like I did as a girl and teenager when my room got dirty to the point of not being able to walk in the room (too bad “Clean House” couldn’t come back then!).  I would literally empty every shelf, every drawer, and my entire closet onto my bed and start from scratch.  Sometimes I’d rearrange the furniture first–but what I did with all the “details” of my room was to take it all down or out and put it back in a new place for organization.  Sure…some of it ended up where it had been, because it was in the right place for full functionality and practicality, but most of it needed a new place!  Some of it had to be cleaned before being put back.  Some of it had to be given to someone else who could use it more or better than I had been.  And some of it was simply trash.  Discarded.  Dumped.  Removed.  Gone.  Forever.

I am on a journey right now to not only purge material things that I find unnecessary, but also to purge all the commitments that aren’t part of that priority list (yeah…that means saying “no” to a few things) and also to purge from my heart all the character traits that I don’t want to be!  This is going to require that I first open up my inner closet and empty it all into the middle of the room.  Then, and only then, can I see what’s in there–and if I’m brave enough (and I am) to let someone else see my pile and help me know what needs to go and what needs to stay!  And then…put it all back in an order that I can truly use what’s inside!

Next post…I’ll talk about what I’m doing in my ACTUAL home to get organized.  Purge is the word!  🙂


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