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I’m not easily embarrassed AT ALL.  But let me tell you that if you have a severe Diastasis Recti, it can get down right embarrassing.  Maybe I am the one embarrassed when the 128,501,349th person asks me, “When are you due?”  Maybe I choose to be the embarrassed one.  Or maybe, if I’ve heard that dreaded question for the 50th time THAT DAY, I’ll let the one asking be embarrassed.

My youngest, I’ll call him Baby Bear, is now 15 months old.  When he was a tiny baby, I’d just say “I just had a new baby”…but when I started saying just “oh he’s six (muffled word here)…” and they’d assume I had said WEEKS, when he was really 6 MONTHS old, I knew something had to change.  That’s when I started giving them a due date.  I’d always calculate before leaving my house what my due date would be if I were due 3 months from that day.  It was just inevitable that someone would ask the question.  It was just easier and quicker…and less painful…for ALL of us.  But…it was a lie.

So I started saying, “I’m not pregnant”.  When I said that, MOST people would cringe…because they did what they shoulda-woulda-coulda not said if they’d remembered what their mama said.  (I have always heard that if you don’t see crowning, DON’T ASK.)  In saying that, I was embarrassing THEM.  Which (almost) embarrassed me.  Which was just awkward for the both of us.  Then one day, while checking out at my local favorite grocery store, the young lady who was bagging my groceries asked me “when are you due?” and when I replied (in my sweet voice), “Oh, I’m not pregnant” with a smile and half-laugh, she responded with, “Are you SURE???” with that down-up-down again glance toward my belly.  GRRRRRR.  THAT, my friends, was the last straw.

I started searching for anything I could find on the subject.  And to spare you the search engine details…I finally found Lose Your Mummy Tummy by Julie Tupler.  OH.MY.THANKFULNESS.  This is it!  It is the ONLY workout program I could find on my search!  And then…I posted about my D.R. on Facebook, and a friend told me about a blog where the gal was chronicling her journey to correcting her D.R. too!  She even had before/after pics!  And her results were amazing!

AnyWHO…I am now going to start writing about my own journey!  I will post some before and after pics as soon as I can get some made (hubby has to be home to take them, since Brother Bear and Sister Bear don’t know how to get a good straight on shot).  🙂

Tell me if you think you have a diastasis recti!  I want to hear from my readers!  And if you haven’t yet–go NOW to check out Amy’s story!  I sure hope to have similar results from Julie’s program!

And you’ll be happy to know that now, when someone asks me about my due date, I take a moment of their time to educate them on a condition that is not rare, but actually VERY common in both men and women!  I want them to stop asking me…but also to never ask another woman who may be in my shoes.  You’re welcome!  🙂


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2 responses to “Diastasis Recti…

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  1. I found your blog through a friend. I’ve enjoyed it!! Sounds like you have found a great plan. Exciting!

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