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Twice this week, I’ve been driving in my mama-mobile (read: mini-van) with my children when a vehicle came completely into my lane and then suddenly swerved to miss hitting us head-on.  Were these drunk drivers?  Nope.  Asleep at the wheel?  No again.

Both drivers were young girls who had their cell phones right in front of their faces.

And as I hit my brakes and watched these drivers, they pulled their phones down to swerve, but then POP–the phone went right back up again!

Did either of them not notice that they were COMPLETELY on the wrong side of the road and almost hit a car bigger than theirs head on???  Did swerving for their life not get their attention enough–not scare them enough–to make them change what they were doing?  In both of these cases, it did not.  Those phones were right back up in front of their faces while driving as soon as they cleared the front of my van.

Initially, this post was going to be a warning to all of you to stop checking text messages or emails while driving…stop letting it distract you from the task at hand…and I DO hope you will stop if you do this.  But I’ve been on a journey lately to remove all planks from my eye and my life before I address the speck in your life.

And as I’m known to do–I saw this situation as not just a driving issue–but a life issue.  I have a friend who recently told me that she has given up Facebook altogether because she was missing out on those right in front of her face.  And I can say that I am guilty of that, too.

I’ve allowed myself to use the computer while my children played around me.  Not so bad sometimes, since they don’t really play with me.  But they play at my feet because they do want my attention.

Proverbs 29:15 reads, “The rod and reproof give wisdom: but a child left to himself bringeth his mother to shame.”

And I’m certainly ashamed as I think about all the times my children play by themselves.  And it shames me to see the mess they make when I’m just not paying attention. Right now, there is marker on the wall near my computer desk–where one of my children wrote on the wall while I was simply not noticing.  I was there!  In the same room!  But I wasn’t paying attention!

What about my husband?

Yeah…I’ve found myself texting or “Facebooking” on my phone while with him, too.  You know…he’s watching a basketball game (that I don’t really care about)…and I’m beside him on the couch…but I’m busy “tap-tap-tapping” on my QWERTY.  I’m busy laughing about the funny status updates I see.  While he is beside me on the couch watching. Is that so bad?

I think it is.  You see–depending on the love language of my husband–I may be showing him that he’s not important enough.  If his love language is quality time, then he wants that time for me to be truly WITH him.

Or if his love language is physical touch, I bet he’s getting pretty jealous of how much “touch” I’m giving my slide-out keyboard, rather than snuggling up with him.

No matter what his love language is, ignoring him to text or be on Facebook on my phone is a distraction to our relationship.

1 Corinthians 7:3 tells me, “The husband must fulfill his duty to his wife, and likewise also the wife to her husband.”

This refers to the sexual aspect of a marriage.  But I’m going to look at it as ALL forms of showing love and respect–which IS my duty to my husband!

And why would he pursue showing me love if I’m busy on my phone???

How else does my phone distract me?

This morning I saw an advertisement for several “apps for spiritual growth”.  Now, I don’t have a smartphone, so I don’t know how apps work exactly–but I do know that the only way to the Father is through Jesus (John 14:6)!

You can’t get to the Lord though any app on any smartphone.  It is relationship with Him that He desires–and he is a jealous God–jealous for me and you!  (Exodus 34:14)  Sure, you may find a schedule for reading His Word or a prayer journal or such as that.

But the Lord is not an app.  He is our God!

He deserves our time, our undivided attention, and real relationship…

…so do our husbands and children.


So I’m challenged by my own words today to PUT THE PHONE DOWN!  While you are driving, while you are mothering, while you are with your husband, and so that you can commune with your Lord.

Blessings to you as you enjoy the relationships of those at your feet…or those at whose feet you sit.

I’m putting my phone down starting today…will you?


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2 responses to “Hold the phone! …better yet…put it down!

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  1. I loveeeeee this!!! This is an excellent example of theology in daily living! Living for the Lord with our eyes on Him continually. Wow! Awesome!!!!

  2. I couldn’t agree more! It’s amazing how “detached” people are becoming. I was at the ER (teen son, need I say more?) and the room was filled with crying babies, screaming toddlers, etc. Every, EVERY parent was locked to their phones tapping away while their children were pleading for comfort. And this was not a quick “hey I’m in the ER” message, but 4 hours of constant tap, tap, tap. I wanted to pick up all those sad, sick babies and cuddle, sing to them and love them. So sad. Another example, my husband and I went out on a date awhile back and we were both saddened by the number of couples who were sitting across from each other and both on their phones texting away to OTHER people! Ack! Very good post.

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